No Ray For You!!!

We’re in the midst of our first big snow storm of the winter, and it’s one of the more prolific snows I’ve experienced in my 3+ years here. It’s purdy. We also get the added bonus of frequent thunder and lightning here in Kanazawa, which in turn bounces off the mountains and then rattles our house. My mom and I love it; Chieko could do without. Ray doesn’t seem to care.


I finally got the urge to create a Flickr account and try uploading pictures from that site. The pictures seem to be bigger, and they don’t eat up my free memory on WordPress. So when Ray returns to the blog he’ll be bigger than ever.

I’ve also added a bunch more blog links on in the sidebar, mostly Japan related, for anyone who’s interested.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


4 thoughts on “No Ray For You!!!

  1. man I wish we could get some sweet snow like that around here! I doubt we’ll get more than a few flakes in the middle of the night that will be gone by morning. stupid Tokyo!

  2. yeah i used to live in saitama and i prefer ishikawa…off the beaten track a bit, and has the ocean and mountains right near by

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