Ho Ho Ho

Apologies for the days of Rayless silence around here. I had a busy few days at work, and then a day off yesterday for the emperor’s birthday. I took a drive down to the beach in hopes of getting some good pictures, but there was nothing doing that grabbed my attention.

So it’s Christmas Eve, and it feels like just another day here. Our living room is a little bastion of Christmas spirit, but having to work in the morning puts a damper on things. And to boot, Friday is my busiest day. And on top of that, I have to lead the English conversation circle after all of my classes, which means I get to stare at that hideous Yankees tapestry again.

But when that’s all done and over with, I’ll be on vacation until January 7. Happy.

Ray has also been in a great mood this evening. We had a nice long nap together this evening, and he’s just been cooing and smiling the night away since. Not sure that bodes well for him sleeping much tonight, but we’re enjoying the happy baby while we can.


My dad is coming into town on Saturday. Chieko’s parents and her sister and her family will be here on Monday for a night. Next Wednesday we’re having a party. I’m sure there will be time to relax in there somewhere.

One more day.


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