Merry Christmas

This day was a bit of a dog to get through.  I’m grateful that I was busy since I didn’t have a lot of idle time to sit around counting the minutes until I was done with work, and hence on vacation.  But the combination of Friday, Christmas, and the last day before vacation gave me a single-mindedness to just power through pretty much everything I had to do today, work related or not.  I hope I didn’t offend anyone.

I came home after work and cajoled Chieko into bringing herself and Ray to a Christmas party tonight.  It was his first exposure to a larger crowd with lots of noise and stimulation, and he fared well being passed around from one doting woman to the next.  He’s passed out on the couch now, still snuggled up in his winter outfit.

The indoctrination if fully underway.  Ray has seen his first few Patriots’ games, and thanks to Santa he’s got Boston Red Sox seeping into his brain as we speak.  He likes it.


Merry Christmas, whatever that means to you, to everyone everywhere.  Hope it’s all good.


4 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Merry Christmas to all of you, Casey. Your Dad is sure excited about the trip. I hope you enjoy your time off with your family. Love that little Red Sox hat on Ray! XO Laurie

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