Feeding the Monster

In my absence from this blog over the last however long, I stumbled upon an effective way to combat the extra pounds we all tend to amass during the Christmas/New Year’s season — get sick and go back to work!  I haven’t been to they gym since before New Year’s, and I subsisted on carbohydrates and booze for the bulk of my holidays, but you’d never know it when I step on the scale.  Of course, it feels like I’m coughing up razor blades and I can barely speak, but being high on cold medicine all the time takes the edge off.

Because of my diseased state, Chieko and Ray have been sleeping in the spare bedroom, giving me lots of room to stretch out in bed as I hack and heave through the night.  I’ve also been relieved of my bathing duties the last few days due to my fragile condition.  But tonight I was brought back into the fold to a slight extent when I was tasked with feeding the boy.  Chieko was in pain and needed a break from feeding Ray, so she pumped some milk and also mixed up bottle of formula in a feeble attempt to satisfy what is rapidly becoming an eating machine.

While I was at the helm I tried to take some pictures using my big camera, basically just holding it at the end of my extend arm and hoping for the best.  I ended up with lots of pictures of my pajama-d legs, a few of Ray’s elbow, a great shot of Chieko’s Playstation 2 controller, and several other crappy shots.  A few turned out alright.  Ray was still hungry.




Tomorrow we’re driving down to Osaka, where we’ll spend the night and on Monday morning head to the U.S. consulate to apply for Ray’s American citizenship, passport, and all the other perks that come with being American.  I think I have all of the paperwork squared away, but I have to go over it one more time.  Monday is a national holiday here in Japan, Coming of Age Day, upon which all the recently minted 20 year olds get to dress up and break in their adult freedoms.

I’ve been to Osaka a few times but never driven there.  According to Internet directions it takes about 4 hours, but I’m guessing it doesn’t take quite that long.  I’ve also borrowed the school van, which has a navigation system that will eliminate human error from our trip as far as directions are concerned.  I’m hoping to be back Monday afternoon sometime.  Due to a fluke in our schedule at work, I’ve also got Tuesday off, which cancels out the fact that due to the same fluke, I had to work today.  I could do this 10 days off, 3 days on, 3 days off-schedule as long as anyone wants me to.

Regardless, I need some sleep.  This will be our first extended venture out of the house with Ray, and who knows how it will go.  I’m sure we’ll learn lots.  Wish us luck.


6 thoughts on “Feeding the Monster

  1. So is little Ray a soon-to-be dual citizen? From what I hear, it is near impossible to become a Japanese citizen if you are not “truly” Japanese.

    1. the young man will indeed be a dueling dual citizen…not sure if he’ll be accepted as a true nihonjin or not…he’s got the inside track because of his mom though, so i’ll let you know in 20 years…

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