Hotel Baby


We made it to Osaka this afternoon safe and sound, and promptly set about making a mess of our hotel room.  I wish we could blame it on the baby, but remove him from the equation and our hotel room would probably look pretty similar.

We’re staying at a business hotel, which are cheaper options for lodging in Japan.  It’s about $100 for a room with all the basic amenities, including breakfast, minus any real floor space.  One perk of this particular chain is that it also has an onsen hot bath in it — a big lure for Japanese guests.  Chieko is currently soaking while I’m on baby duty.  Ray has been remarkably easy so far, sleeping for practically all of the 3+ hour drive, and then cooing away contentedly on the bed at the hotel much of the time.  I worried that he’ll be a handful in the overnight hours though, and unlike home where I can escape to our bedroom, I’ve got nowhere to run in this little room.

After checking in we took a walk to find the U.S. consulate, which is only about 10 minutes away.  It had a big Japanese police van parked out front with several officers manning the adjacent corners of the building.  Comforting.

It opens at 9 a.m., so we’ll shoot to get there early to try and get the visit done and over with as soon as possible.  I’ve been the consulate once before, to register our marriage a few years ago, and it was smooth.  I’m hoping for a similar experience tomorrow so we can get back home early afternoon.

Somebody’s starting to cry…


5 thoughts on “Hotel Baby

  1. how much is the passport gonna cost you? and how much time will it take to get it? I’ve also never seen a baby’s passport, it’s gotta be a trip!

  2. it was about 13,000 yen ($150), but that was also including fees for some other stuff…we had to submit a lot of documentation, and something else cost money, maybe the birth report…i think it takes about 2 weeks…when the time comes for you (assuming you’ll get a US passport for your baby) let me know if you have any questions…there’s a lot of paperwork but it’s not as intense as the consulate website makes it sound

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