Today’s Workout

Who needs the gym when you’ve got an easy foot of snow and a driveway?

It’s been snowing, very hard at times, since last night.  It’s not the standard Kanazawa blend of heavy, wet snow, but something more akin to the dry, fluffy powder I was familiar with back in Vermont.  I came home tonight with a primordial man-urge to remove all snow from every inch of my driveway, and nearly did.  And then, of course, I had to document myself.


And then, even more of course, it promptly started snowing again.  Hard.  Now there’s another couple of inches on the driveway and the car.  But it’s quite pretty, and I love sitting inside, warm and toasty, while the flakes drift past the living room.  Not quite New England (the smell of fish cooking was wafting out of my neighbor’s kitchen as I was shoveling), but a nice winter scene going on here nonetheless.

It was kind of a funny scene on our street this evening though.   I wasn’t the only one shoveling my driveway and stoop, but of the lot I was the only man.  Most of the husbands and fathers on our road fit the Japanese workaholic stereotype, leaving for work as I roll out of bed at 6 a.m., and return around 8 or 9 at night.  So there I was, shoveling like a snow-retentive madman, while the housewives of the neighborhood somewhat listlessly pushed snow around in front of their respective houses.  I suppose if I were a real man I would have offered to help.

Weather is certainly the most interesting thing going on here.  All other realms of life continue on in their normal fashion.  Chieko and I are looking forward to our first weekend of somewhat normalcy (i.e., nobody staying with us, no trips to large cities far away, no working on Saturday) pretty much since Ray was born, now that I think of it.  I think we will have a few Ray spectators over on Saturday, and I may or may not try to schedule a Japanese lesson over the weekend.  I need to get back into that, but since my teacher has flaked out on me the last few times I’m not overly motivated to give her my money.

And then there is Ray.  He is doing great, eating like a maniac and growing like one as well.  I’ll get some new pictures up as soon as I take them.

I just finished the book Snow Falling on Cedars last night, and really enjoyed it.  I’m curious to see the movie now.  The point being that the last few nights I have gone to bed early with the intention of reading for a little while and then passing out, only to read for a few hours and end up going to bed closer to 1 a.m.  So now I’m having notions of getting into bed at this reasonable hour and starting a new book, just for a few minutes.  We’ll see how that goes.  At any rate, good night.


6 thoughts on “Today’s Workout

    1. i knew you of all people would appreciate it adam 😉
      they tend to use tractors here rather than plows, and they use tractors with giant snow blowers on the front in some places with a lot of snow…otherwise, most of the roads have a line of sprinkler heads running down the center that melt the snow…makes a giant mess and works like a charm until it gets too cold and it all freezes over…

  1. thanks patty…it’s actually not very cold here…judging from your weather reports on your blog, you’re much colder in georgia than it is here…we generally hover right around freezing on the coldest days…

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