Out In the Snow

I’ve been meaning to change my guitar strings for quite some time now, and the other night when I dusted off one of my axes for a strum it was clear the time had come.  So this afternoon I took a trip out to buy some new strings, but first I went in the complete opposite direction and headed towards the mountains in search of pretty pictures.

I’m impressed by how much more snow falls in places that are only 15-20 minutes away by car.  If we were ever to settle in these parts, I’d likely go looking for a place to live out where I was driving today.  It’s still a very reasonable drive to civilization, but there are hardly any people, lots of rice paddies, big mountains, and I imagine a lot more stars at night.




I wish I had more time to roam around and take pictures, but I felt a bit like I was skipping out on my share of parental duties leaving Chieko home alone with Ray, not to mention I was cutting into my hanging-out-with-Ray time, so it was a limited expedition.  And now I’m home, guitars have been re-strung and strummed, food has been eaten, and wine is being drunk in copious amounts.  I’m looking forward to rolling out of bed in time to catch some NFL playoff football tomorrow, and having a nice slow Sunday.  Alas, I actually have a 5 day workweek coming up — woe is me.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.


3 thoughts on “Out In the Snow

  1. It takes more gas and wear and tear on cars to live further out, and you have to plan your trips to buy groceries (and guitar strings). I love it, but I do feel guilty about the driving we do. We try to be efficient with our trips.

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