Ray @ Two Months

That was fast.

Ray had his two month checkup today, and all is well.  Two months is a drop in the pan, but it’s amazing to see how much he has grown and become more aware in shut a short time.

Tonight I set him up under his mobile and let him geek out for a while I snapped some pictures.  I was surprised by how much he loves watching Mickey, Mini, Donald, and Pluto spinning in an endless circle.





He’s a little crusty this evening and his forehead was a bit inflamed — all of those lovely details are most evident in the last picture.  You can also see his knobby little ear, which we are going to get checked out early next week.  I can’t remember if I mentioned that in a previous post or not, but I’m looking forward to getting some more definitive hearing test done to see how well, if at all, his right ear functions.  I’m not too concerned about it either way, but it will be nice to know for sure what’s going on in there.  And also get that little excess ball burned/frozen/cut off.

That’s all from here.


8 thoughts on “Ray @ Two Months

  1. I really love your photos, always so clear and perfect lighting. (having a good model helps too, i guess)

    How much has he grown in two months? I just saw our neughbors 3 month old yesterday and can’t believe Kemoe will be that big soon.

    1. thanks for the compliments kevin, and congrats again on your new daughter…ray has gained about 2 kilos since he was born, and grown about 12 centimeters in his first two months (i think)…they don’t stay tiny for very long…i’m jealous of all the snow you’ve been getting there!

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