When I left for work this morning Ray was freshly fed, sprawled out on his breast feeding pillow without a care in the world.


He was a bit more glazed over but pretty much in the same condition when I came home this evening.


Today turned out to be a longer day than I had anticipated, and I’m inspired by Ray to get my head on a pillow.  First we have to give him a bath, and then I need to whip up something for lunch tomorrow, so I can’t call it a day just yet.  Last night’s bath was a train wreck — Ray has nearly outgrown his little pink baby bath, so lately Chieko has been taking him into the big bath with her, and that has been working well for the most part.  I tried my hand last night, and apparently whatever magic touch I had in the little bath doesn’t equate in the big bath.  I’d never heard Ray scream in such horror before, and worried he was being burned by the bath water.  When he didn’t calm down after a few minutes, and in fact escalated the spazzing, I called for Chieko to bring the towel.  Hopefully the trauma is a memory and he’ll have a more mellow bathing tonight, by Chieko’s hand.

It was really warm today, around 60 degrees, and most of the snow around here is gone.  NEED MORE WINTER!


14 thoughts on “Morningray/Nightray

  1. How I would love to be that oblivious to the world… enjoy it while you can Ray!
    I can’t believe how fast he has grown – before you know it you will be into the schooling dilemmas etc. Good luck with the baths – screaming doesn’t seem to give them long term scars so perhaps you could just buy some earplugs!

    1. yeah always thought cats had the easiest lives, but babies give them a run for their money…as far as baths go, my wife seems to have better luck with him recently, so i’m on standby to take him when he’s done and go get him dressed…that system seems to be working pretty well…

    1. so far his super powers are the ability to drink endless amounts of milk and poop with the power of 1000 men…he is…nightray

  2. What a gorgeous child–I see hints of other family members in picture 2 — even little Shawn and his Dad. How can I love a child I’ve never even met?

  3. sacked out! i love it.

    so cute…. congrats (again and again…)

    are you and chieko and night ray (i agree with the earlier commenter that said it was a great super hero name) coming to the states during the summer?

    hello to chieko for me!

    1. thanks sheryl…i just book our tickets for feb./march tonight, not sure about summer yet, but getting back then is a goal…you going to be in town? and what is this impending announcement you left hanging on facebook??? hope you are having fun 😉

  4. beautiful little boy! can’t wait to see him in flesh and blood!! so glad you guys are visiting soon!! i’m sure your mom and dad are thrilled!!! see you soon! love to all, beth 🙂

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