We tried everything, really.  Fed the baby.  Changed his diaper.  Walked around clutching him against our chest, which he digs.  Put him under his Sesame Street mobile, which he also digs.  Fed him again.  Walked around again.  Yet, the boy cried.  And cried.

So what do first-time parents do when they can’t get their newborn baby to stop crying, despite all efforts?  Take pictures.




9 thoughts on “Unhappiness

  1. oh, poor little darling!!! something must have been upsetting him? little gas maybe?? hope you got on your nightly phone call with the parents – i’m sure they had some sage advice….. poor parents too! heartwrenching sound……
    i’m sure all is well,
    beth =0)

  2. I know it is heartbreaking not to be able to fix it, but he will probably recover. Good taste of the future, when as a parent, you can’t always make it better…keep us posted. (we have a picture of Uncle Ray crying at 4 or so–his parents spanked him so they would have a picture of him crying, he tells me)

    1. we’ve been lucky to not have any of the epic crying sessions i’ve heard about, but i can’t help thinking there must be one in the pipeline…

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