Large and In Charge

I was in and out of the office today, mostly in.  On my way back this evening I took a detour to take some pictures of Hakusan, which had emerged from the clouds after a week or so.


I’ve posted numerous pictures of this mountain, but I’ve never said much about it.  It’s quite a hulking presence around these parts, when you can see it, and has some significance in the Japanese hierarchy of big, special mountains.  It’s one of the three sacred mountains in Japan (along with Mt. Fuji and another mountain that you’ve likely never heard of in neighboring Toyama Prefecture), and is nearly 9,000 feet tall.

It’s a beautiful thing to have lurking in our back yard.  I’d be wise to climb it while I have the chance.

But what is more beautiful than a snow-covered Hakusan is the fact that it’s Sunday night, and my weekend is at its mid-way point.  I’m looking forward to some football/baby coddling in the morning, some gym midday, and some guitar strumming w/ beer in the afternoon.  Good times.


10 thoughts on “Large and In Charge

  1. What beer do you usually go with here? I usually drink Yona Yona because I can’t really stand most of the big domestic brews and decent priced micro brews are hard to find. Yona Yona kinda fills that gap for me.

  2. i’ve been drinking wine lately more than anything (including water)…but for beer, my go to is suntory premium malts, or whatever limited time brew yebisu is making…i don’t mind japanese domestic beers aside from super dry, which i can’t stand unless it’s draft…i’ve never had a beer that is so crappy from a can but quite nice in nama form…yona yona is nice, though i don’t see it too much around here, and never in a full six pack, only singles…i grab a belgian duval now and then which are expensive but strong as hell and yummy…japan definitely needs more micro brews to bring the price down…do you know this blog?

    1. I haven’t seen that before but I will check it out. I do know that this place is awesome! There are some really good micro brews in Japan (I love Yokohama Brewery’s stuff), but they are much harder to come by than back home, and because beer is already expensive (malt taxes), it just makes it that much more. I agree with the no Super Dry except nama, generally I prefer Kirin ichibanshibori, Yebisu is good too.

      1. popeye looks sweet…definitely on my list of places i need to squander money next time in tokyo, aside from the guitar mecca that is ochanomizu…

  3. Wow! Mt. Hakusan!!! gorgeous!! what an amazing thing to wake up to in the morning!!1 or play guitar to in the evening…. lucky lucky man, husband & father – I’d have to say, you seem to have it all my friend! i am very very happy for you! treasure every single moment!
    those pics you posted of the sleepy little town (with the houses close together) also gorgeous – it’s such a lovely way to hold this time in your life – in pictures/memories you will always have…. love it! ttyl =0)

  4. Oh man, I wish I hadn’t seen that photo. I just got back from getting my butt kicked on Kita-dake, but when I see Haku-san looking that good… Another one to add to this winter’s climb list 🙂

    1. yesterday would have been the day to get up hakusan…if you head this way and need a place to crash (and can tolerate a baby), let me know…we’re close and have ample space…

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