Not My Best Blog Post

It’s past midnight, and while I have many things I’d hoped to recount on this blog, I lack the energy to do so.  But it’s a full moon tonight (or I suppose this morning, at this point), and the snow-covered mountains glowing in the dark were catching my eye throughout the night…as I drove home from work, as I went to the supermarket, as I wandered into dark rooms with Ray, trying to pacify him.

So while Ray was in the bath with Chieko I set up my tripod and camera on the balcony, aimed towards the mountains, set the shutter at various speeds, and fired away.  I only wish Hakusan was present in the background.  I really like night photography with longer exposures, even though I have no idea what I’m doing when taking them.  Also, my tripod is a wobbly piece of junk and now I fully understand why it was only about $15.


Tonight I sprung for the flickr pro account.  Flickr has a 100 megabyte/month rule if you want to use it free, and that fills up quick.  There are 2 days left in the month and I was at 97% capacity.  I figured it wouldn’t be the last time I barely escaped maxing out the limit, so I sprung the $25/year.

Anyway, I’m starting to go cross-eyed, which means I need to be in a bed.  I’ll try and get some Ray content up over the weekend.  Goodnight.


2 thoughts on “Not My Best Blog Post

  1. cool pic man, I’m pretty jealous of the space, I’d need a fish eye lens to get anything remotely similar in spacial feeling from my backyard (ha!)… and then it would mostly be my neighbor’s house.

  2. thanks…yeah, the space is good…if we lived 10 or 15 minutes away we’d have a lot more, too…but after living in apartments for a few years, i’m pretty pumped about our current abode…

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