Miscellaneous Ray

Now that I’m a ‘pro’ Flickr member and can upload pictures until the cows come home, I made a massive deposit of Ray imagery.  Here are a few that I don’t think I’ve showcased here before, and that popped out when I was looking through the Ray files.

Actually I took the top one tonight, and Ray looks giant to me.




Anticipation is brewing on campus as the ‘Oasis’ concert approaches on Thursday.  Today a group of students, none of them mine, came to my office to ask if Oasis was really coming, and if they needed reservations to attend.  I remember when I did the Neil Young concert last year, the day of a student came to my office (again, not one of my own) nearly trembling with excitement at the prospect of such a legend on his own campus.  When, out of pure guilt, I told the boy that it would actually be me dressing up and performing Neil Young tunes, the look of disappointment and air going out of his sails was pitiful.

So this time I tried to hedge my bets slightly, putting ‘Oasis’ in quotes on the flier that is put up in classrooms, as in ‘Come See ‘Oasis’ Live.’  In my own class I’ve been encouraging my students to ‘come see live Oasis music.’  I’m happy people are getting excited though, and I can sing a tune and find my way around the guitar decently enough.  So, it shouldn’t be total disaster.

The other big news is that tomorrow I’m dropping our car off for its two-year inspection.  They don’t do yearly inspections here like we do back in the States, and they are painfully expensive.  Last time we had the inspection it cost about $800.  This time around, it’ll be twice that amount since we have to get a new timing belt and assorted other parts that have been deemed unworthy.  If I had more time I might have hunted around for a better deal, but we’re going to the same place we went last time, and they gave us the lowest quote 2 years ago.  Anyway, see you later big chunk of money.

It’s supposed to get cold again tomorrow and snow throughout the rest of the week.  I’m happy about that…too much brown for February.  Jesus, it’s February.


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