Truth In Advertising

Christ, I’ve created a monster. It seems the students here are taking my ‘Oasis’ concert a little too literally, and now one of Japan’s larger message boards has thread regarding Oasis’ mysterious Kanazawa concert, with 700+ comments. Have a Google or Yahoo search for yourself:

金沢工業大学 リーアム

I’m a little bit nervous.  Some of the comments on the message board are pretty hilarious though, from what I can read.  Many of them are skeptical, which gives me some relief.  Still, I have no idea how many people will show up.  I’m interested to see what they are saying this evening, after the bubble has been burst.  While I’m excited by the enthusiasm, next time I plan one of these things I will be much more explicit in the flier I make and post at school.  Wish me luck.



The concert was a success, at least from my standpoint.  Surprisingly, only about 60 students showed up, which was fine with me.  A few of them were a bit dejected that the REAL Gallagher brother wasn’t showing up, but most students enjoyed it.

Like an idiot, I turned on the video camera and forgot to press record, so I have no videos.  One student, who was taking video with his iPhone, asked me if he could post it on Youtube, and I agreed.  I’ll keep an eye out for that and post it here if and when I find it.

This day was stressful, with people at work showing me different postings online about my concert, twitter feeds, blogs, etc.  I had no idea what to expect, but am glad it was as low key as it was.  That said, the school recognized a chance for free publicity, and I’m already up on the ‘News’ portion of its homepage:



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