‘The’ Concert

One of the students who attended my workshop yesterday posted his video to Youtube.  I haven’t watched it — it’s akin to hearing yourself on the answering machine x 1000.  I do know that my voice was pooping out on me by the end of this song, and I think I screwed up the chords at some point.  Wish he had captured my previous two songs, which came off without a hitch.  Anyway, here you go.

If you can read Japanese and want to peer into the hubub my fake concert whipped up, you can go here.


5 thoughts on “‘The’ Concert

  1. Look at the cojones on this guy! I once played (no singing) to about 6 people during lunch break in my class when I was a student here and nearly shat my pants… I can’t imagine playing in front of that many people, good on ya! However, if your voice is giving out during the third song, it does not bode well for your upcoming North American tour… very cool though, would like to have heard Morning glory too, next time, おつかれさま!

    1. i was pretty nervous, but there were a lot fewer people than when i did the neil young concert last year…the sunglasses help me though, kind a barrier be the audience and me…i wish i had gotten morning glory on camera because, if i do say so, i rocked that one…it’s also the song that shot my voice for ‘don’t look back in anger’…

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