Beach, Etc.

I’m starting to have a difficult time thinking up good titles for my recent posts. Perhaps after several years of blogging my mind is finally tapped out in that regard. Maybe it’s time stop naming everything…

It was a tedious job, but I’ve gone back through all of my older posts and replaced the html code for the photos that weren’t appearing. Fortunately I haven’t been using Flickr for that long, so it was only the last two months worth of pictures. And yet another lesson learned. It’s been a good week for me learning lessons.

I finally got a decent picture of Ray smiling. I’ve been trying for a while but all of my tried and true methods of getting him to smile and be cute don’t seem to work if there’s a camera in front of my face. He’s also been hanging out with us in the kotatsu recently, sitting our laps and grinning away.


This afternoon we went downtown to the passport center to pick up Ray’s Japanese passport. So now he’s got a U.S. and Japanese passport, and now we have to figure out which one to use for our upcoming trip to the U.S. If anyone has input in that department, I’m all ears.

It was beautiful today, and I wanted to take Ray down to the beach for the first time, but when he cried nonstop for 20 minutes after we left the passport center, we (I) decided we should just go home. After he had a good long feed and was in a good mood again, we threw him back in the car and headed down to the beach (great parents, right?).

Ray didn’t seem to grasp the gravity of the site before him. Perhaps his will when we go swimming this summer.


I had notions of getting some really nice pictures of Ray down by the water, but it wasn’t happening this time. I did get a pretty awesome shot of the ocean.


And on our way home, a decent one of Hakusan rising up above the foothills, it’s head finally clear after a few days of snow.


Back to work tomorrow, but there’s not much to be done. There’s more light than tunnel at this point.


8 thoughts on “Beach, Etc.

  1. agreed!
    and about the passport thing, I recommend using his Japanese passport on the way out of Japan and his American one on the way in (and vice versa), pretty sure it’s cool, I have a student who has dual citizenship and does that. it’ll be easier for the wife to take him through the line when you get back and for you to take him on the way into the US.

    1. i was thinking about that, but is it kosher to stamp two different passports? i suppose i’ll find out soon enough…also, i’ve heard that even though my wife doesn’t have US citizenship, we should all go through together in the states…

      1. I’m pretty sure that they don’t stamp the passport if you use a Japanese one on the way out and don’t stamp an American one coming in. Mine has never been stamped when I left the US. Not sure if there is a problem with not having the Japan stamp on the US one when you come in, not sure. If I see that student again I’ll let you know…

      2. Anyway, from what I’ve read it seems cool. Just show them the US passport when you get to the US and if they hassle you, say “oops” and bust out the Japanese one. Should be pretty simple at least until NightRay is 22. I also think that you might be right about all going through together. Let me know how it goes, I’m heading home in July!

  2. As usual great photos of a beautiful boy!
    In terms of the passport thing – we always use our Japanese passports when leaving and entering Japan and our New Zealand passports when entering and leaving New Zealand. That is what the passport control people in Japan told us to do and it seems to work fine. It seems strange to me that they have records of us leaving and entering, but none of where we have been. We have never had any problems though…

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