My wife’s hometown is well-known for several things.  First and foremost is its (apparently) delicious rice (tastes like rice to my ignorant tongue).  Its second claim to fame is watermelons, which I have lots of up close and personal experience with.  Despite this region’s culinary treasures, what impresses me most about this place is the extraordinary amount of snow they receive.  A lot of people probably think of the northern island of Hokkaido when they picture winter in Japan.  But here in the Japanese Alps is where the real dumping occurs.

I took a walk around the area this afternoon to take in the massive amount of snow.  I think it rained a few days ago and eroded some of it, but the temperatures have retreated and it’s snowing again.  Most of my pictures were pretty mediocre, so I’m planning to take another stroll in the next two days to try and get some better shots.  I also am intent on digging some sort of snow fort /tunnel system while I’m here.

(If you want to see some better pictures of crazy Japanese snow (and another cute newborn baby), click on the Bastish blog to the right.)





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