Ah, vacation achieved.  See you in April, work.  Chieko, Ray, and I have jumped on the travel wagon right away, heading off to visit her parents for a few days before we leave for America next week.

The drive usually takes 3 hours and change.  The rain changed to snow right about the time we left our house this afternoon, and so the drive took closer to seven hours, with a couple of pit stops along the way.  I think I topped out at 70 kph (43 mph), but averaged closer to 60 kph — on the highway, mind you.

Normally I think I’d be spent after such a long, slow drive, yet here I sit pushing 2 a.m., and sleep is not making its presence felt.  The Asahi Super Dry has taken the edge off, but my mind is a bit wound up after concentrating for so long.  Fortunately, Chieko’s mom  encouraged to drink lots of beer and sleep as long as I want, and I will do as I’m told.

Ray was great on the drive, a good primer for our ridiculous flight next week.  He slept for the most part, and was all smiles and cuteness once we arrived in Niigata.  He spent a little while taking in his new surroundings before he succumbed to the teat.

Stay tuned for pictures of silly amounts of snow.




6 thoughts on “Splitsville

    1. yeah he’s still pretty much just an eating/sleeping machine, despite being a bit more aware of his surroundings…very much looking forward to being home for a few weeks…very much not looking forward to spending 8 hours at narita airport in the process…

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