A Man Needs A Cave

As threatened in my previous post, once I’d performed all of my worldly duties today (sleeping late, drinking coffee, entertaining my child, driving around trying to take pretty pictures), I set about digging myself a man-cave in the snow.  It turned out to be harder work than I’d anticipated, and I don’t know why I ever thought it would be easier.  I’ve shoveled enough snow in my day to have anticipated the twinge in my back every time I get up off the FLOOR of the Iguchi household.  Furniture is good.

I chose this exquisite mound of snow between Chieko’s house and the family barn, where snow from said barn’s roof has repeatedly fallen onto the already ample amount of snow on the ground.  Going in, I had dramatic notions of a snow palace containing various chambers, perhaps some tunnels.  In the end, shoveling snow is a pain in the ass, I was sweaty and wet, and I was just a bit worried about my cave collapsing on me.


I’m not sure how long it took me to excavate what, in the end, was a pretty mediocre-sized cave.  Floor space is good enough, but it could use a little more head room.  I suppose I did a pretty good job, but since my initial expectations were so lofty, I can’t help be a little disappointed.


In actuality, building snow cave/igloos is a tradition in the snow-draped areas of Japan, akin to what American kids do whenever it snows.  The coolest difference is that in Japan, they install candle-power and hang out cooking up mochi (gooey rice blobs) and other innard-warming treats.  I skipped out on the food, but went all out with the candles.





And of course we bundled Ray up and dragged him into his first of many snow caves.



I mentioned earlier that I drove around today trying to take pictures.  I’m finding it difficult to get good sight-lines over the towering snow banks on the sides of the roads, and end up taking lots of pictures of my car in front of giant walls of snow.  I managed to get a few decent shots today, once it occurred to me that opening the door and standing on the door jamb would give me a little more clearance.





We’re heading back to Kanazawa tomorrow midday.  The forecast is clear, so I’m hoping we can do better than seven hours getting home.  Then the race is on get ready for our trip to America on Thursday.  Vacation is busy.


11 thoughts on “A Man Needs A Cave

  1. A man does need a cave and I must say, well done sir. Might I recommend something that we did in College back home; scented candles. Turns the place into a holistic healing center! I really liked the picture of Ray and the first mountain/sun picture deal, nice. Boy needs a Mariners cap though…

    1. thanks for the cave/picture admiration…scented candles could work, i contemplated sparking up some the incense they use at family shrines, but was worried about lack or chimney…i’ll tastefully avoid addressing your final statement (but wish we had snagged king felix)

  2. yeah, vacation is busy!!! but so nice too! your snow cave is pretty impressive i must say – there should be no disappointment in your accomplishment!
    i just love your pictures – i think i may ask for some so i can have them printed if that’s possible – the mountains and the snow and the houses….. too pretty to pass up!
    anyway, thanks for writing… it’s always an interesting read!
    safe travels! see you soon!
    beth xo

    1. thanks beth…about the pics, if you click on any picture it should bring you flickr, where i think you can download my pics in various sizes (click ‘all sizes’)…i’m happy to send you the raw (giant) picture files though for any pics you like…just let me know

  3. how cool is that!!! I have ordered up a massive snow storm so that some of us can experience the same thing. I will provide dinner and drinks. Cant wait to stand in line to cuddle with your absolutely gorgeous son.

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