Today Ray took the monumental step from jamming his own fists/fingers into his mouth, to actually picking up an external object and jamming it into his mouth. And so the fun begins. Fortunately he’s not mobile yet, so we have time to Ray-proof the immediate vicinity. I can’t help feeling that we’re about to turn the corner from passive baby (eats, sleeps, looks cute, can’t do anything), to active baby (demands constant attention, once and for all goodbye life as I have known it). It seems Ray is getting ready to demand a lot more attention.

Took a good chunk out of the to-do list today. The doctor didn’t offer any real promising information, but prescribed us various creams, including some light steroids. We made an appointment to see him again when we get back from America. Chieko, who has a pretty severe skin allergy (perhaps I mentioned that?), expressed her dismay that there haven’t been any advances in treatment since she first started seeing doctors more than 30 years ago. The doctor, who is most certainly younger than both of us, was empathetic. I’m sort of wondering why we’re seeing a pediatrician about a severe skin problem. I don’t doubt the doctor’s knowledge, but perhaps a skin expert would have a bit more insight.

We also went to a more traditional pharmacy and bought some Chinese natural cream that Chieko found out about. We’re trying that first to see if it does anything. I’m also looking forward to seeing the herbalist on Cape Cod (thanks Beth!) to see if she might have any natural remedies.

But enough of that. Look at the cute baby.





4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Hi! Love the blog.

    If you think you need a skin specialist, just show up to one. That’s one thing I really love about health care in Japan, you don’t really need any introductions to doctors. Ask around your coworkers to find out who has a good rep as a Hifuka. The one we are going to now looks like the clinic could give you some sort of disease but the doctor is great and totally cleared up my son’s skin stuff.

    One thing that I found in Canada was that the first thing a doctor will do when a child has skin issues is to check the diet, which they rarely do here. If Ray is formula fed, you might try switching around formula brands. If he’s breastfed, then Chieko might need to try an elimination diet (which is horrible, especially since breastfeeding makes you so darn hungry!). I went on one until we figured out what was causing my son to have skin reactions. Here’s hoping it’s something else though. 🙂

  2. thanks for the comments and the advice medea…actually our doctor mentioned the elimination diet, but didn’t encourage it quite yet…ray is breast feeding though, so chieko might try it at some point…as you said, and chieko agreed, doctors (skin and baby) here don’t really buy into the diet/skin condition mentality…i’m curious to see what kind of info we get in the US…just putting off the steroids until we have tapped out other methods…thanks for your input…

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