Slow and Steady

Having nothing on my plate this afternoon, Chieko and I took a walk down the train tracks and around the cranberry bog across the street.  The woods here are much different than in Japan.  Japanese forests are always so manicured (at least the ones I’ve frequented), whereas Cape Cod woods are a tangled mess of tree, briars, and everything in between.  A lot of the forests in Japan are also made up of cedar, and thus stay green during the winter.  I’d forgotten how stark northeastern forests become once they drop their leaves.







And of course, one of the boy.



6 thoughts on “Slow and Steady

  1. The first picture reminds me of an album cover I saw recently. A band called Volcano Choir (which I really dig). I think that scenery is beautiful…so cold, quiet, and static for the time being.

  2. I liked the second one a lot but I think it would have been amazing if you dropped the perspective down near the actual level of the track. Poetic.

      1. yeah, this area has lots of old stone walls running through the forests from when it used to be farmland back in the day…

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