A Mile In the Rain

I’ll get the Ray portion of this post out of the way first.


Of Cape Cod’s numerous attributes, the best in my book is that regardless of where you are on this peninsula, it’s never more than a ten minute drive to the beach.  Sandy Neck is five minutes from my folk’s house, so that’s usually where I head to catch a sea breeze.  Ironically the beach is covered in rocks that quickly tenderize sensitive feet.


I was feeling cabin-feverish this afternoon, and slightly guilty for all the food and booze I’ve been indulging in, so I decided a walk was in order.  I chose some nature trails that run behind Sandy Neck and up into its trademark dunes.  It was a crappy day by all means, but I figured I could stand the drizzle, and the fog promised some cool pictures.  This place is most spectacular under clear blue skies, but today it was pretty cool, too.  I neglected to bring a pair of gloves, which was a mistake, and if I would have wandered around a lot more if my alternating umbrella hand wasn’t repeatedly freezing up.






There were deer footprints everywhere, along with rabbit prints and evidence of the numerous coyotes that call the dunes of Sandy Neck home.  I saw lots of seagull parts strewn about the trail and in the brush to the side.  I hope to get back here with Chieko and Ray before we head back to Japan.

The rest of New England is getting hammered by a nice winter storm this evening, but it’s all wind and rain here.  Aside from my outing this afternoon, I’ve been in my pajamas all day.  No complaints.


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