No News Is…

It’s been snowing hard all day but is only starting to accumulate on the grass now.  The wind has also been whipping, so despite the relative bareness of the ground it’s been a pretty wintery scene here.  On the front page of today’s Cape Cod Times was a picture of this boat, marooned a few days ago when the wind was even more enthusiastic than it is today.  So when my mom, Chieko, and Ray took off to the grocery store this morning, I struck out for Cold Storage Beach in Dennis to see the boat for myself.  It was freezing, especially walking back to the car against the wind and snow.  Hopefully the owners will be able to get this thing afloat and back dredging clams without too much trouble, though they haven’t been able to dislodge it thus far.


In the afternoon our neighbor came over with her two daughters.  One is only seven months old, but Ray is nearly as big as her already.  She was very curious about Ray; Ray was more focused on his continuing quest to jam his entire fist into his mouth.


Our trip to Vermont last weekend was good, if not too short.  It was great to see my old friends again and revisit Burlington, where I have spent a lot of time in the past decade or so, and where Chieko and first met.  We had brunch with friends and Ray at Leunig’s Bistro, where Chieko and I had our first date.

Vermont was the only substantial journey we had planned during our stay in the States.  Our agenda is otherwise filled with taking it easy and hanging with friends and family, which we’ve been doing plenty of.  Ray has met lots of people for a three month old.  I’m succeeding in my efforts to eat bacon every day while I’m here.  I don’t dare step on a scale these days, as I’m sure I’m flabbing up a bit despite running every few days and going to the gym with my dad now and then.  Not to worry though, that’s what vacation is for.

And while it looks like I won’t fulfill my micro-brew quota for the day, I have plenty of wine on hand while we all wait for my brother to arrive from California in a few hours.  For the first time in a while the Bean clan will be fully intact.  Happy happy.


7 thoughts on “No News Is…

  1. Enjoy the micro brews man. If you can get some Magic Hat there, try the “Black as Night” brew.

    I brought back 7 with me to enjoy here and I’m using them sparingly.

    1. thanks bill, i’ll keep an eye out for it…had their winter brew the other night and it was pretty nice…by the way, if you have our spring schedule would you forward it to me at beancaseyatgmaildotcom…i’m curious to check out the damage…see you soon

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