Big Finish

We had a big party yesterday for family and friends, and Ray spent the afternoon being passed from one adoring person to another.  He was a good sport about it for the most part.  Once the festivities wound down I went out for some drinks with some friends, and it ended up turning into a late night.  Naturally, I slept till 11 this morning, on what was easily the most beautiful day we’ve had since coming to America.

I felt obligated to get out and take advantage of the cloudless skies and spring temperatures, so my brother and I took off to, where else, Sandy Neck, to do a little more extensive traipsing around the dunes and trails I explored in the rain last week.

Cape Codders have been universally and justifiably lamenting the weather since we got off the plane a few weeks ago, so it was no surprise to find this message etched into the sand by some shoeless and happy hiker.


All the recent rain and snowmelt has created pools of water in the basins between many of the dunes.




While the rain and cold prevented me from getting in view of the ocean last week, though it’s really not that far, there were no such issues today.




The Cape Cod version of Mount Kilimanjaro.


Here’s Ray, out cold the other night.  We’re still trying to find an effective, non-steroid treatment for his skin, and as you can see he’s pretty red in this picture.  We saw an herbalist the other day who gave us a natural cream that, unfortunately, seemed to make his skin worse.  So the search continues.


We’re down to our last week here before heading back to Japan.  Here’s to more sunny days.


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