So Soon?

Where’s my baby?  The little, helpless one whose eyes can’t focus, who can’t hold his head up, who sleeps 22 hours a day and can’t warp is hand around my index finger?  He was here a few weeks ago.


For the first time, Ray rolled himself from his stomach onto his back this morning.  It was quite monumental, and I supposed means that pretty soon we won’t be able to just put him down any old place and not worry about him going anywhere.


2 thoughts on “So Soon?

  1. wow… when i read your post, i was thinking, i bet that is what your Mom is saying too…. =)
    i will be over in the next day or two – it’s been nuts since you guys got here! sorry that Donna Eaton wasn’t able to help with Ray’s rash!!
    see you very soon!!

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