Fooore…Or Something

Had a great afternoon today playing frisbee golf with my two brothers, aunt, uncle, and cousin.  I’m a huge frisbee aficionado, so I wonder why I haven’t gotten more into frisbee golf over the years.  We have a really well-maintained course near my house, if not a bit thick with trees.  In the winter when the trees are bare, you can barely make out the pins off in the distance.  In the summer it must be nearly impossible.

I’m pretty handy with a regular frisbee, but those skill did not translate in the least for me today.  I was hoping frisbee golf would be more rewarding to me than proper golf, at which I truly suck but for some reason still give a shot now and then.  I started off all right, but ended the day as dejected as I would have had we been hitting small balls.

But it was yet another lovely day on Cape Cod, and the company, combined with a nice walk through the woods tracking down errant frisbees, made it very enjoyable.  I’m not aware of any frisbee golf courses in our area back in Japan, but my eyes are officially open.  God knows it would have to be cheaper than playing traditional golf there.






In baby news, small grandmothers make Ray look big.



7 thoughts on “Fooore…Or Something

  1. man that looks like a great time! I’m still hoping to play some street frisbee golf around my neighborhood using google maps to plot the holes but I haven’t found enough/good enough frisbees at a 100 yen store yet. hopefully soon!

  2. i haven’t found (or looked for) any disc golf frisbees in japan…i’ve never found decent normal frisbees either, so i brought a few back with me a while ago…street frisbee golf sounds interesting

    1. yeah, I’ve only found some once, they were quite strange though. Don’t think I will get decent ones though, I want to get about 10 of them in case we lose some along the way, I just want the olde skool cheap ones we played with as kids… I’ll keep looking.

  3. i hate frisbee. i know i’m in the minority.

    glad you are enjoying your time in the states.
    when are you back in japan? are emeline and ernesto still in japan in the same apt.? also need your japanese address….

    this should have been an email.

    1. hi sheryl, we’re heading back on monday…emeline and ernesto are in the same apartment…i’ll email you our address

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