Final Destination

The last place to visit on my list was the Cape Cod National Seashore beaches.  They are far and away the most spectacular beaches we have here, about a 40 minute drive depending on traffic.  This time of year, there is none.  My brother and I left home under cloudy skies, but there nothing but blue when we reached the outer Cape.


They’ve been battered by a series of winter storms that I would have loved to have seen.  The encroaching ocean has chopped at the towering dunes and made cliffs out of them.


I was again struck by how clean the beaches here are compared to those in Japan.



So we’re down to our final weekend here on Cape Cod.  Tonight Chieko and I left Ray in the care of my parents for a few hours while we went out for a quiet dinner together.  It’s something we did with regularity before Ray came into our lives, and something we haven’t really done at all since then.  He’s been pretty fussy recently in the evenings, and tonight was no exception, so we are grateful that my parents gave us the opportunity to get out by ourselves.  Hopefully he will be as docile on our trip home as he was on our way here.

I don’t know how many people have handled Ray in the past three weeks, and perhaps that is contributing to his recent fussiness.  I get the feeling that he has no idea who his parents are anymore, or at least his father.  It’s been great having so much support while we’ve been here, but I am looking forward to getting back to the peace and quiet and lack of visitors that our normal life provides.  I’ve also been eating and drinking like a madman while we’ve been here, so slipping back into my normal routine of moderate drinking, healthy eating and exercise is something that I eager to do.  That said, it’s very nice to have all the indulgences that I can’t get in Japan.  Fortunately this only happens once a year or so.

We’re slated for crap weather over the weekend, which will put a damper on getting out and enjoying Cape Cod’s natural beauties.  I’m sure we’ll find something to do, or maybe we’ll just enjoy some relative calm compared to what has been a very busy week.  Ray would certainly appreciate that.  My next post may well be from the other side of the Pacific.

To all my friends and relatives who have come by to see us or made time in their busy schedules for us to visit them, thanks a million!  We’ll be back soon.  See you then.


5 thoughts on “Final Destination

  1. Casey, when are you adventuring back to this side of the pond? For some reason I can’t remember your return date…

    You’d be impressed with the beaches here! We took a drive down to Mattou the other day and there was so much trash that it looked like a landfill! To debunk what people around here say about the trash being from China: Almost all the stuff had Japanese writing all over it. Go Japan!

    1. we’ll be back tuesday night bill…i’ll get in touch with you later in the week…and i’m well aware of the lovely matto beaches…at least they clean up well in the summer

  2. oh, that’s so sad about the Japan beaches! and, of course, about this being your last weekend on Cape for a while and it being rainy! but, i always say, it’s easier to leave when it’s yucky out rather than if there were clear blue skies and billowy clouds! i’m sure your parents will be quite sad indeed to see your stay come to its conclusion. i for one am very glad and grateful to have had the chance to see you and Chieko and Ray while you were here! we will miss you! xoxo

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