I Was Human Once

Ray represents the whole family in his expression of enthusiasm when it comes to 24 hours trips to and from Japan.


I need to find a faster way of getting back and forth between these two countries, or at least start making enough money to spring for first class.  Aside from being soul-sappingly long, our trip was otherwise smooth.  We got home about an hour and a half ago, and I have since showered a days worth of sweat and grease off my body and out of my hair, had a shave, and brushed my teeth for about twenty minutes.  Attempts to scrounge up some food in house have been feeble, but there’s wine and cheese, so we’ll survive the night.

I looking forward to daylight and seeing what our yard looks like after three and half weeks.  Are my onions and garlic surviving at all?  I also stepped on the scale to assess the damage of my hard living back in the States, and suffice to say it will take me equally as long to get back to my pre-gluttonous form.  Back to salads for me for the next few weeks.

And I think that’s about all the energy I can devote to the blog tonight.  But we’re back in one piece, for anyone who cares.


7 thoughts on “I Was Human Once

    1. it’s definitely worth it, i just wish the process of getting there wasn’t so long…it was nice seeing all you guys too 😉

  1. I have to agree with you on the flight part. I hate flying back and forth. I don’t suffer jet lag but I just get exhausted because I can’t sleep on the plane and being up for about 36 hours is more than a marathon for me. Good luck with your recovery phase!

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