Normalcy I Suppose

I’d say we’re getting back into the swing of things here, but our suitcases still sit open and mostly full in the tatami room while we set about cluttering up the rest of the house, and Ray (and by default Chieko) is suffering from jet lag.  He’s still on east coast America time, so falls asleep early in the afternoon and wakes up around midnight for a few hours.  We stretched him out a bit today though so hopefully he’ll be back to normal over the next few days.

Yesterday we went to a community center in town so Ray could get his first vaccinations.  I’m not exactly sure what they were, being the attentive parent that I am.  Babies are supposed to get vaccinated at four months, so the town sets a date when all of-age babies can come and get measured, weighed, manipulated, and injected.  There were probably 50 4 month-old babies there, and it was funny to see how much they were like Ray — crying in the same way, making the same babbling noises, flailing their appendages around.  Ray got a clean bill of health and didn’t cry too much when he got poked.  That said, because there were so many people, it took about 3 hours to get through everything.  I was the slightest bit losing my mind by the end of it.

Today we went out and had sushi for lunch.  Chieko has been craving proper Japanese food since before we got back here, so we endeavored to satisfy her needs.  It was drizzling on our way home but cleared up enough for me to get out into the yard and start cleaning up the garden for the spring.  I transplanted some strawberry plants that were perilously close to the slug-friendly concrete retaining wall between our yard and the neighbor.  I also did some weeding.  One of the old ladies who tends the garden behind our house left a clump of onions in our yard while we were at lunch, so I also threw them in the ground.

I was surprised to find, upon waking up Wednesday morning, that the broccoli I had left for dead had actually, finally, spouted some edible parts.  We haven’t eaten it yet, but need to soon since it’s just withering away on the dining room table.

As I was puttering around in the yard the weather really cleared up and it became an absolutely beautiful afternoon.  Chieko was heading out to the grocery store, so I loaded Ray into the stroller and wandered out amongst the rice paddies.  I admit that half the reason I take Ray out for walks is in the hopes that some of the neighbors are out to ogle Ray tell me how cute he is.  I was in luck today.


The snow on the mountains near us is dwindling, but off in the distance Hakusan is still living up to its name.


I’m digging all the green around these parts though, and it’s supposed to be a very springy 66 degrees tomorrow.  Good car washing, snow tire removing weather.  Have a nice weekend.


7 thoughts on “Normalcy I Suppose

  1. Wow! sounds like the perfect day to return to normalcy….. it was actually a bright shiny 66 degrees here yesterday too! Dudley and i took a nice walk on West Dennis Beach – he was in heaven! he loves the beach, and i clean up after him (which funnily enough reminds me i have a poop bag in my car lol!), but he only has a few weeks where he can be leashed on the beach and no one bothers him. after May 15th, we can’t go on our beach walks – and they are his fave! anyway, happy news – Dudley’s appt. with the opthamologist went well yesterday and she thinks his eye should be fine w/steroid (yes, i said steroid) drops for a few more weeks! yikes! but, his eye looks SO much better! anyway, thought i’d mention it b/c of the steroid…
    hope you’re enjoying another beautiful day to this amazing weekend!
    beth xo

  2. oh, and btw, you should be proud to parade that beautiful boy around!! people will and do admire beautiful babies!!! (and between you and me, i have to admit that 1/2 the reason i take Dudley for walks is in hopes that an amazing man will walk up to us and comment on my adorable pooch!! 😉 )
    but, let’s keep that on the DL!

    1. sounds like you should be patrolling dog parks in addition to deserted beaches 😉 i’ll keep your motives to myself though…good luck!

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