I really have nothing to say, but I wanted to post this picture.  Kanazawa is having one last go at winter with some colder temps and threats of snow, though nothing to make me think twice about having removed my snow tires last weekend.  If nothing else, the weather has created some dramatic lighting when the sun escapes from the clouds between squalls.  Yesterday I was taking the very long way to where I was going, as in start out driving in the wrong direction in the hopes of taking some good pictures.  In my hierarchy of awesomeness regarding the feats of Mother Nature, low clouds crashing into mountains are right up there with high waves crashing onto the beach.  At this point though, I’ll take mundane clear blue skies and enough warmth to keep the windows down in the car.


6 thoughts on “Smash

  1. awesome picture Casey! i think you should do something with your photographs! have you ever thought of that? i bet others would find them amazing as well!! you have a great eye!
    hope the weather starts to be blue skies with warm temps enough to roll the windows and open the sunroof! yeeha!
    take care, kiss that beautiful boy, and say hello to Chieko!
    beth xo

  2. LOL, yah mother nature is giving us a blast or winter weather. Friday we had some snow flurries after the rain, and when I got up at 7am today (sat) to get ready for work it was 29*. I don’t think it got over 40 today, felt like I was out doing fall clean ups again. Mother nature is just reminding us that it is still march on the cape!

  3. It’s a great picture. I like ‘bad’ weather that includes lots of grey. Usually looks amazing. And when you can hear the rain outside and don’t have to step into it. Making some hot tea and relax. It’s the best.

    1. i agree kaba…i love falling asleep with a good thunderstorm going on outside, and wild, powerful weather in general gets me fired up!

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