Light of the Moon

I was inspired by the pictures in my previous post to do some more night photography.  Last night, on my way home from a school-sponsored dinner, the nearly full moon was beaming off of clouds and looking spectacular.  I promptly picked up my camera and tripod and trudged out through the local area looking for some cool, moonlit pictures.  Unfortunately I was having some camera malfunctions, and just when I got them squared away my battery died.

So tonight, under a proper full moon, I went back out to try and get some better pictures.  Actually, none of them were as good as I had hoped, but I managed a few decent shots.  I was fixating on a greenhouse that looked really cool in the moonlight, and had a patch of tulips blooming in front of it for some color.  The second picture is just a random neighborhood shot that turned out kind of cool.  Again, I was digging the exposed canal and running water by the side of the road.



My camera seems to be acting up a little bit.  Perhaps it needs a cleaning, and I could probably stand to run through the manual once or twice to check a few things.  Of course, tinkering with camera settings that I’m not entirely sure about, in the dark, is bound to not end well.  Anyway…

I have the day off tomorrow for a national holiday, Ocean Day perhaps?  I could check the calendar if I really cared — the important thing being that I don’t have to work.  Next week is also the annual Golden Week holiday, so I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off.  We’re heading up to Niigata on Saturday.  And I’m heading off to bed now!  Good night.

Inokuchi Station By Night

The rice paddies are starting to be flooded for this years crop, and as I was driving home last night the reflection of the local train station in the adjacent paddy caught my eye.  After dinner I went back with my tripod to take some pictures.


I also randomly faced my camera in the other direction just to see what the picture would look like, and I’m really pleased with the result.  I generally regard the power lines and their towers as an eyesore, but I think there’s a lot of potential for cool, industrial-looking pictures of them at night.


It’s an amazing day here — time to go enjoy it.

It’s All Done


It rained all day, but when I was done with work the sun came out.  I thought there might be a good sunset as I was driving home, with my wipers on intermittently as I tried to focus on the road and not on the distinct lack of clouds off to my right (sun is a novelty at this point).  I got home and relieved Chieko from Ray duty while she prepared dinner, and went up to the living room.  It took a while for the sun to dip below the clouds, but eventually it did, and Ray went into his chair while I hung out the window and took pictures.

Go Friday.


Impressionist Barley

As the sun was setting tonight, the light was beautiful.  I was struck by the urge to take a picture of something, anything, given the conditions.  The best option I could think of quickly was the barley field (which I mistakenly referred to as wheat a few posts ago).  It was a windy evening, and the wispy tops of the budding barley were being tossed around.  I slowed down the shutter speed on my camera, and I think the results are pretty cool.








Terror, Young and Old

Last week Chieko and Ray went over to our local community center to borrow some Japanese children’s books from the library there.  I was thumbing through them tonight, seeing which I am capable of reading to Ray, when I stumbled across this awesomely freakish picture in one of them.  The book is titled ‘Carrot,’ and is a wonderful piece of propaganda aimed at convincing children that carrots are delicious and worthwhile.  Apparently this author’s books are known for their cool/scary illustrations.  Hence, a cute monkey, eating a carrot, with crazy teeth.


Speaking of scary, as I was falling asleep last night I had a pretty intense nightmare.  I don’t get nightmares often, but this one woke me up.  I was back home on Cape Cod, and I was driving home with Ray and my grandmother in the car.  I entered my parents neighborhood and noticed and ambulance at a neighbor’s house.  I continued on, but remember feeling concern for the neighbors.  In real life, my parents live across the street from a cranberry bog, in the corner of which there is a small pond that serves as a reservoir to flood the bog in the fall, when the cranberries are picked.  Back in my dream, as I rounded the corner leading to the house and the bog came into sight, I saw several other ambulances and other vehicles parked on the edge of the bog next to the pond.  As I approached the driveway my parents came running out towards the pond.  I parked and also made my way across the street.  There was a lot of activity around the pond, and appeared to be divers in the water.  Somehow I ended up on the edge of the water, caught up in the muck.  On the other side of the pond, which was only about 50 feet away, a white-faced figure suddenly lunged up from below the water and climbed up into the bog.  I remember being startled by the appearance of this thing.  I was the only one around suddenly.  Before I could watch it any more, another one of these people/creatures/ghosts surfaced just a few feet from me. It looked at me, sunk back below the water, and started coming my way.  I could see the cloudy white figure approaching below the water and tried to get back up on solid ground, but as I mentioned I was mired in the muck.  I remember feeling scared as this thing got close to me, and just be for it got me I was woken up by my own strong exhalation of breath.  It was pretty wild — definitely scary but also kind of thrilling.

In other news, it’s raining again, Ray is endlessly amused by his feet, and it’s difficult to take clear pictures one-handed with a baby sitting on your stomach.