The End Is Nigh

I suppose I’m overdue to ramble about something here.  And I’ll apologize ahead of time to those of you who come here solely to stare at pictures of Ray; there will be none in this post.

I’ve got two things coming to an end here.  The first, which I welcome whole-heartedly, is the gradual end of winter.  It was another disappointing winter in my eyes, with minimal snow and hardly any below-freezing temperatures.  Kanazawa is a tease like that — if it were just a few degrees colder we would have a winter wonderland december through March.  But alas, it always hovers right around freezing here, and so we end up with as much rain as we do snow.  I’m of the mind that if there is going to be a winter, it should be cold and snowy.

So somewhat deflated by another feeble winter in Kanazawa, I am welcoming with open arms the arrival of spring.  Kanazawa, and Japan in general, is great at spring.  As it stands, there is hardly any snow left on the mountains, the river is rushing with snowmelt, and the quintessential sign of spring in Japan, cherry blossoms, are getting ready to burst.  I say bring it, spring.

Today was warm but windy as hell, and you could tell from looking at the clouds that the atmosphere was abubble with clashing wind currents.  It must have been a bumpy ride into Komatsu Airport this afternoon.


The other thing that is coming to a close for me, and it’s a bit of a double-edged sword, is my vacation.  On one hand, who wants to work, especially when they’ve got a cute little baby at home?  On the other hand, I can’t keep buying and drinking as much wine as I have over the last few weeks.  Despite my monumental efforts at the gym, I’m still carrying around the pudge I brought back from America.  Cutting the booze out of my daily diet is well overdue.  So it’s back to the clean living, early to bed/early to rise life for me, and I’m half looking forward to it.

There’s been nothing else of not going on around here.  I actually went back to work today for some meetings and ceremonies, and have a few more tomorrow.  Classes don’t start until next Thursday for me though, so the next week will be planning and excavating dust bunnies from my office.  I’ll get some pictures of the boy up in the next few days.  He’s turning into a little human at an alarming rate.  Good night.


One thought on “The End Is Nigh

  1. good luck getting back to clean living! and, ugh, back to work… but it sounds like you’re ready for the challenge and that you’ve had your share of vacation! we are starting to have a wonderful weekend around here – it’s been raining nonstop for days and this afternoon it’s going to get warm and sunny! hooray!
    beth xo

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