Pictures > Words

Ray was being exceedingly cute today, perhaps buttering us up for his refusal to sleep so far tonight. Here are a few of the many pictures I took; the rest are up on Flickr. I really dig this first shot.




My Japanese teacher once again flaked out and didn’t show today, so I took a trip down to the beach.  It was raining and very crappy when I woke up, but by noon the sun was out and it was tantalizingly springy out.  Hope everyone’s enjoying the weekend, wherever you are.




4 thoughts on “Pictures > Words

  1. I love to see him smiling. The great thing about the first shot is it gives the feeling of what it is like at your house in Japan. I guess I am glad your teacher didn’t show!

    1. i wish that room was representative of the rest of our house…the only reason it’s clean is because there’s nothing in it!

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