Better Cherry Blossoms

Ah…Friday’s once again have significance now that I’m back to work.  Though there’s a lot to be said for the two-day workweek.

From my perch on the seventh floor classroom there’s a great view of a nearby hill/mountain that is covered in cherry trees, and after my disappointing venture at taking pictures the other day I was intent on finding my way to them.  During some downtime I did some Google Earthing, found some landmarks, and plotted a route that would at least get me in the area.

The trees are planted in rows across the hillside, and there is a stairway that takes you to a lookout point at the top, affording a great view over Kanazawa and out to the ocean, cherry blossom season or not.  Here are a bunch of pictures, some better than others.  Depending on what we end up doing with ourselves over the weekend, these may not be the last 2010 cherry blossom pictures you see on this blog.










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