Wanting to take pictures but tired of cherry blossoms, I ducked into the bamboo on Sunday.  I really dig the bamboo forests that blanket the mountainsides here.  Like a lot of the ‘normal’ forests in many parts of Japan, the bamboo is also meticulously groomed and cleaned out in places.  I find it interesting how whoever does this work uses the remaining, healthy bamboo to stack the corpses of dead stuff.  There’s something cannibalistic and morbid about it to me; the dead stacked at the feet of the living.



The tidiness of the well-maintained bamboo is aesthetically pleasing, but the more wild groves have an otherworldly allure of their own.  Here, the bamboo is bowed and broken from the heavy winter snow we get here.  There is dead and decomposing bamboo strewn everywhere, and new shoots growing in between.  It is dark, dank, and somewhat menacing, but beautiful.



Back to work today.  It was rainy and dreary, as all Mondays might as well be.  All the rain and wind signals the end for sakura season, so see you next spring, pretty flowers.



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