Make It Stop

It’s  been raining since Sunday.  I love wicked weather, but there is nothing spectacular about this spell of shittiness.  It’s cold and wet, with new snow reaching two-thirds of the way down the mountains yesterday morning.  It wouldn’t be so bad if we hadn’t already been teased with cherry blossoms and warmth.  At least our recently repaved road provides a good canvas.


Last weekend, when it was spring, I got the garden ready for planting.  At the time, I had notions of putting some veggies in the ground this weekend.  That probably won’t happen now, since it’s supposed to rain tomorrow as well, and I’ve got other designs on Sunday.  In my preparations for this years garden, I’ve been focusing on maximizing the space we have.  I’ve shoehorned beds into every viable space we have in our meager yard, trying to elevate the beds as much as possible since our yard was not constructed with drainage in mind.


I’m torn about using the black plastic on the beds.  It’s obviously not eco at all, and if I were an old Japanese man who could spend my days pulling weeds (one day!), I would happily cease using it.  But since I do have to work during peak weed-growing season, and since our yard makes up for what it lacks in drainage with prolific weed growth, black plastic it is.  You can also see the rock collection I have started.  Every time it rains, more and more rocks are exposed from the top soil (I should probable just call it sand), so I collect the big ones and throw them in a pile.  Some day I will do something with them all.  The flowers are keeling over, the trenches between my beds are flooded, who knows if the recently transplanted strawberries will make it.  Come on Kanazawa, you sucked at winter, redeem yourself with spring.

But it’s the weekend, and we’ll surely get a few hours of non-rain over the next two days.  So I raise my glass to a glimpse of the sun.


9 thoughts on “Make It Stop

  1. haha – if you tell kanazawa that it sucked at winter, it might take it badly…. i might offer gratitude for its beauty in the rain… i offer that for you so you don’t have to give in to the wicked (actually used properly here, not the MA way) weather… too funny! you and this blog are Awesome!!! thank YOU for letting us so graciously and generously into your life and the beauty of Japan! =0)
    love the pics too btw!
    beth xo

    1. yeah i was talking to my friend in tachikawa and he mentioned that…i’m all set with frozen precipitation until next winter…bring on the heat says i…

  2. The garden looks great; I know you worked hard on it. I love the anticipation of a new growing season–what will be good? what will disappoint? we are eating asparagus and lettuce and radishes from ours.

    1. thanks patty…yeah i’m really looking forward to my second go-around at gardening this year…our asapargus is just starting to poke through, but our strawberries are looking like they’ll be along pretty soon

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