Once in a while I willfully embark on tasks that consume a lot of time and effort, but yield no tangible or lasting benefit.  For example, thoroughly weeding my yard when I know full well that within days new weeds will have sprung up.  Yet the effort itself is satisfying to me.

Yesterday was another such activity.  I had taken the little rinky-dink train into town to go to the gym, since Chieko had commandeered the car for the afternoon.  As I was finishing up my workout, rather than jump on the elliptical machine as I had planned, it occurred to me that I should just walk home.  It was a nice day, and after bemoaning the weather to the extent that I have lately, I figured I would be a fool not to take advantage of the current conditions.  It only takes me about 15 minutes to drive to the gym, and I figured I would just stick close to the train tracks and get on the train if I got tired.  I had my camera with me, and was excited by the potential for good photo opportunities as I meandered through neighborhoods and parts of town that I don’t frequent.

So I set off in the direction of home.  Two hours later, with a bunch of crappy pictures, sore feet (I was wearing Birkenstocks…smart!), and nowhere near the train tracks, I arrived home in the dark.  I don’t know that I’ll make that trek ever again, but as I said, it was satisfying in its own peculiar way.  If nothing else, I saw some interesting walls.



I realize Ray has been woefully unrepresented on here lately, so here are a few pics of him.   He was geeking out in his chair when I got home from work this evening.




Then we took a walk over to the grocery store.  On the way back, even though he was getting cranky, I wheeled Ray into a field of wheat (after I made sure there was nobody around to stare at me).  We may have to have another wheat field photo session; there’s a lot of potential for cool pictures, but I was short on time and Ray was short on patience.


That’s all from here.  I need to go get horizontal.


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