Terror, Young and Old

Last week Chieko and Ray went over to our local community center to borrow some Japanese children’s books from the library there.  I was thumbing through them tonight, seeing which I am capable of reading to Ray, when I stumbled across this awesomely freakish picture in one of them.  The book is titled ‘Carrot,’ and is a wonderful piece of propaganda aimed at convincing children that carrots are delicious and worthwhile.  Apparently this author’s books are known for their cool/scary illustrations.  Hence, a cute monkey, eating a carrot, with crazy teeth.


Speaking of scary, as I was falling asleep last night I had a pretty intense nightmare.  I don’t get nightmares often, but this one woke me up.  I was back home on Cape Cod, and I was driving home with Ray and my grandmother in the car.  I entered my parents neighborhood and noticed and ambulance at a neighbor’s house.  I continued on, but remember feeling concern for the neighbors.  In real life, my parents live across the street from a cranberry bog, in the corner of which there is a small pond that serves as a reservoir to flood the bog in the fall, when the cranberries are picked.  Back in my dream, as I rounded the corner leading to the house and the bog came into sight, I saw several other ambulances and other vehicles parked on the edge of the bog next to the pond.  As I approached the driveway my parents came running out towards the pond.  I parked and also made my way across the street.  There was a lot of activity around the pond, and appeared to be divers in the water.  Somehow I ended up on the edge of the water, caught up in the muck.  On the other side of the pond, which was only about 50 feet away, a white-faced figure suddenly lunged up from below the water and climbed up into the bog.  I remember being startled by the appearance of this thing.  I was the only one around suddenly.  Before I could watch it any more, another one of these people/creatures/ghosts surfaced just a few feet from me. It looked at me, sunk back below the water, and started coming my way.  I could see the cloudy white figure approaching below the water and tried to get back up on solid ground, but as I mentioned I was mired in the muck.  I remember feeling scared as this thing got close to me, and just be for it got me I was woken up by my own strong exhalation of breath.  It was pretty wild — definitely scary but also kind of thrilling.

In other news, it’s raining again, Ray is endlessly amused by his feet, and it’s difficult to take clear pictures one-handed with a baby sitting on your stomach.



6 thoughts on “Terror, Young and Old

  1. or perhaps you are thinking of the next harry potter movie to come out except it is based in West Barnstable across from a cranberry bog… ghoulish ghosty things coming up from the water and all….. =0)
    try to get back there tonight and finish the dream…. see where it goes! have you ever tried to do that? i have. is that weird?
    beth xo

    1. i think i’ve tried to get back into dreams, but only after waking up briefly and falling back asleep…never with a whole day between…maybe i’ll give it a try tonight…yeah, it’s a little weird 😉

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