Inokuchi Station By Night

The rice paddies are starting to be flooded for this years crop, and as I was driving home last night the reflection of the local train station in the adjacent paddy caught my eye.  After dinner I went back with my tripod to take some pictures.


I also randomly faced my camera in the other direction just to see what the picture would look like, and I’m really pleased with the result.  I generally regard the power lines and their towers as an eyesore, but I think there’s a lot of potential for cool, industrial-looking pictures of them at night.


It’s an amazing day here — time to go enjoy it.


5 thoughts on “Inokuchi Station By Night

  1. The first pic definitely looks like it could be a barge or boat on a river. Really like the glow and color on the second. Sweet shots!

    1. thanks jeff…my dad said the same thing…maybe your comment is agreeing with him…have to teach him how to comment on the correct post now!

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