Light of the Moon

I was inspired by the pictures in my previous post to do some more night photography.  Last night, on my way home from a school-sponsored dinner, the nearly full moon was beaming off of clouds and looking spectacular.  I promptly picked up my camera and tripod and trudged out through the local area looking for some cool, moonlit pictures.  Unfortunately I was having some camera malfunctions, and just when I got them squared away my battery died.

So tonight, under a proper full moon, I went back out to try and get some better pictures.  Actually, none of them were as good as I had hoped, but I managed a few decent shots.  I was fixating on a greenhouse that looked really cool in the moonlight, and had a patch of tulips blooming in front of it for some color.  The second picture is just a random neighborhood shot that turned out kind of cool.  Again, I was digging the exposed canal and running water by the side of the road.



My camera seems to be acting up a little bit.  Perhaps it needs a cleaning, and I could probably stand to run through the manual once or twice to check a few things.  Of course, tinkering with camera settings that I’m not entirely sure about, in the dark, is bound to not end well.  Anyway…

I have the day off tomorrow for a national holiday, Ocean Day perhaps?  I could check the calendar if I really cared — the important thing being that I don’t have to work.  Next week is also the annual Golden Week holiday, so I have Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday off.  We’re heading up to Niigata on Saturday.  And I’m heading off to bed now!  Good night.


4 thoughts on “Light of the Moon

    1. thanks kaba…full disclosure, i did tweak the exposure, which made the picture a little brighter overall than it was originally…but the colors are authentic…

  1. Tomorrow’s Showa day (昭和の日), the old emperor’s birthday. Ocean Day (海の日) is in July. It doesn’t really matter, to Japanese people, they are all the same…

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