See You Next Year, April

Week finished, Golden Week assumed.  For my readers who aren’t familiar with Japanese holidays, Golden week is a string of back to back holidays at the beginning of May.  Most companies give the whole week off.  My school, while very generous with vacation at other times of year, is pretty stingy with this particular holiday.  But I’ve still got vacation until next Thursday, so I’ll take it.

I had the exiting opportunity this week of being a first-time victim of credit card fraud.  Someone has accessed my iTunes account and enjoyed shopping on my dime.  It seems like the credit card company has their stuff together enough that I won’t have to pay for the charges; I wish Apple was a little more helpful.

I’m monumentally sleepy now, so here are some pictures.  We had a great combination of thunder storms to the left and bright skies to the right this evening.  Lots of cool light.  This evening I went down to the river with a friend and took a few more pictures in the dark.

We’re off to Niigata in the morning–at least that’s the plan.  The way things go in our post-Ray life, noon is probably more realistic.  So keep an eye out for some updates from the Japanese country side.  Good night.







2 thoughts on “See You Next Year, April

  1. thanks isaac…aside from the overturned car in the tunnel, it was a smooth trip…off to tokyo tomorrow for some overstimulation!

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