Garden 2.0

After watching all 3 Boston sports teams get whooped this morning, I was off to the home center to this year’s garden.  I hope I have rotated my crops adequately, and time will tell if I have or not.  The crop this year is pretty much the same as last year, with a few minor changes.  Here’s a run-down, left to right:

Strawberries – they were here when we moved in, and I culled about 90% of them at the end of last summer.  There are also a few planters of strawberries that Chieko’s parents gave us towards the back of the garden.

First row: okra (1), mini-tomatoes (2), basil (1), regular tomatoes (2), basil (1), regular tomatoes (1), green peppers (1).

Second row: onions that I planted in the fall and should be ready soon.

Third row: corn (6 0r 7 stalks), red peppers (1), red chili peppers (1), mini-eggplant (3), red chili peppers (1).

Against the house, hopefully poised to climb up the net, are two cucumber plants.  I had a hard time with cucumbers last year, so am hoping for more success this year.  Chieko’s parents gave us about 20 corn stalks that I planted behind the house, along with 2 edamame plants that I bought today.  I’m worried that they aren’t getting enough sun though.  I borrowed the neighbor’s ladder today and spent a long time hacking lot’s of excess growth off the top and sides of the large hedges behind our house, so that might proved a bit more light.


There’s a bit of space left for some additional plants, and a bunch will open up once the onions and garlic are done.  But for the time being, we’ve got a bunch of stuff in the ground.

It was a great day aside from the crappy sporting events.  After spending a good 4 or 5 hours out in the yard I went for a long run as the sun was setting, returned home and cracked a beer or two with the neighbors on their stoop, and have spent the evening being family man.

Unfortunately, Busy Bigby with his beady little eyes is no longer with us.


Another stellar day on tap for tomorrow, with lots of weeding planned while listening to the Sox probably lose again to the Yankees.  Yee haw.


4 thoughts on “Garden 2.0

  1. Interesting; we don’t plant corn because it is generally planted in large blocks here and we don’t feel like we want to devote that much of our garden to it. I am curious how well a few stalks will do. Also, I would have thought you had to start it from seed in the ground!

    Which way is South? You can plant the tallest plants to the North to make sure they are not shading the others (next year). And some things will tolerate a little less light than others (maybe the strawberries?).

    1. we only planted a few stalks last year and they did fine…the corn we got from chieko’s parents was started from seed, but it’s also pretty easy to find seedlings here too…thanks for the tip about planting low to high…have a great trip to france 😉

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