Humpty Hump

I’ve been fixated on our future recently, specifically the uncertainty of it.  Having Ray, and considering the kind of upbringing we hope to give him and any of his potential future siblings, has put some things in perspective.  Bed time is rapidly approaching so I won’t get into the details now, but perhaps at a later date.  It probably wouldn’t kill me to get some of my thoughts down in some concrete fashion.  We have two years or so left at our current job;  I am very curious about what our lives will look like five years from now.

I took a plunge tonight and registered to make a presentation at and English teaching conference next month.  I will be talking about the concerts I have put on, and telling other teachers how they can do the same thing.  I have no idea how many people will attend, how long the presentation needs to be, or even where it is for that matter!  I have a month to get all those minor details ironed out though.

I’ll leave you with a few pictures of Ray, who was a very good boy today, and cute as hell.  Sleepy time.




9 thoughts on “Humpty Hump

  1. I was gonna say I liked the new look as well but I miss the soy bean that was the header (although it still shows up on the mobile site).
    So your contract at the university is almost up and you won’t be renewed? Does/did the wife work at the school too?

    1. sorry, just re-read it and you said up in two years, but still, is that not something that can be renewed? Would you want to if you could?

      1. it’s renewable once, which my wife and i have both already done (we do work together)…regarding your last question, i’d consider anything (within reason) that offers long-term stability…

    2. yeah i was hoping to keep the soy bean involved, but none of the other themes i tried really looked very good with it…actually this theme allows for a header, but the soy bean pic looks real disjointed from the rest of the blog…maybe i’ll try it again now that i’m more used to this look, and am apparently going to keep it for a while…thanks for the input…

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