We’ve had a three days of full-force spring weather here, at long last.  Yesterday I took a short bike ride and found a nearby road that snakes its way up the mountain, to where I’m not exactly sure.  After work today I made a quick detour to drive up further than I could have ever made it yesterday.  I still don’t know where the road goes, but I am intent on heading back up when I have more time.  The most appealing part of the hurried drive today was the ample sunlight squirting through the forest canopy where ever it could.

For all their artificial uniformity, I still find Japan’s cedar forests enchanting.




Back at sea level, I took Ray out for a sunset stroll while Chieko prepared dinner.



Sunsets on newly planted rice paddies is rising up the ranks in my book of cool evening scenery.

And that’s about it from here.  I’m not in the best of moods, but wanted to break up the Ray on this blog!  He’ll be back to tomorrow though, don’t fear.  Book-in-bed time.


6 thoughts on “Sunlight

  1. hey! love those pics as usual! sorry to hear you weren’t in the best mood, hope you’re doing better today!!
    beth xo

  2. great photos, as usual.
    why the bad mood? could it have anything to do with the yanks winning over the red sox in the 9th inning? jaja 😉

    big hugs to chieko and ray.
    ps – i dig the new set up

    1. thanks sheryl…ah, the reds sox…i am powerless to rebut your comments…we suck hard this year, though i still have a glimmer of hope…by the way, i am so lame that i just sent out flat stanley on friday…i had intended to send him to some other exotic place, but i took so long i ended up just sending him back to the school…
      san sebastian looks pretty sweet too!
      hope you are well

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