6 Months

That was fast.

It feels like Ray has been around a lot longer, especially considering how much he has changed since November.  He’s rolling all over the place lately, and I sense we are on the cusp of having to hide everything that isn’t nailed down before it ends up in his mouth.

Excuse the mess of baby clutter that our living room has become.  It doesn’t bode well for my previous statement.





Nothing else of note going on here.  Oh, except for one question: has anyone seen the Boston Red Sox?  They’re oddly absent from this year’s baseball season.


4 thoughts on “6 Months

  1. I remember those days…and I spent so much time on the floor with Owen that I became a wreck about the cleanliness of our house…we hired a cleaning lady (for my sanity). Great pictures of the little man. Is Nanny reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See? to Sweet Baby Ray? We love the Eric Carle books.

  2. that’s where the japanese custom of not wearing shoes inside is quite appealing…in theory there is no dirt in our house (except from when I forget something and have to run back inside, and can’t be bothered to take my shoes off for the 10 seconds I’ll be inside)…I was actually reading Brown Bear to ray while nanny was watching…ray’s nuts about that book…

  3. That was fast man, MJ just hit two months today! Time really does fly, he’s looking good though! We need a new rug for the living room…

    1. we could use a new rug as well…no matter how much we vacuum there’s still some funk in that one…those foam mats that you can piece together from the 100 yen shop are appealing….

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