Frankenstein’s Raybe

I forgot to mention it in yesterday’s post, but Ray had an appointment to get his 6 month hearing checkup.  He an Chieko dropped me off at work this morning and then went to the hospital, where Ray once again was sedated and turned into robot baby.


This was the same test they did when he was about 3 months old — a computer pumps sound at different frequencies into his ears, and the measures his brain’s response to them.  From this data, they can get a good idea of how well (or poorly) Ray can hear.

The good news is that Ray’s hearing has not gotten worse in either of his ears.  It also hasn’t improved, which means he still can’t hear much out of his little ear.  The doctor is writing us a referral to a plastic surgeon so we can look into the process of getting a new ear crafted for Ray, though I’m under the impression that kids should be a little older before they get that procedure.  It will be interesting to hear what the plastic surgeon has to say.  The doctor also told us to come back again when Ray is 1 year old to have his hearing tested again.

Kudos to the Celtics up 2-0 against the Magic, and to the Red Sox, who actually won a friggin game!


7 thoughts on “Frankenstein’s Raybe

    1. i’m under the impression that it’s a normal sound test, just solid tones at different frequencies…music and birds sound nice though

  1. Wow, so many comments…

    Again, Hello Kitty? Pink, kimono wearing Hello Kitty?
    Does Ray have a big Joakin Noah-esqu pony tail?

    Good work C’s! Can’t say anything about the Sox until the M’s start winning, don’t even want to think about it.

    You ever check out that mosquito ring tones thing? Pretty interesting, I bet that’s what they play in the headphones.

    1. yeah i hadn’t noticed the uber-feminine version of hello kitty, but does it really make a difference when it comes to hello kitty? i believe the pony tail is a stuffed squirrel or some other critter…being a hi-tech hospital, they ensure that he doesn’t jostle his head too much during the test by surrounding him with stuffed animals…
      i have some hope for the sox…there scoring an unexpected amount of runs, it’s their pitching that has not lived up to potential…once that clicks they’ll be pretty good, as long as they aren’t 20 games out…the rays are sick this year…come on injury bug!!
      i’ll have to get back to you on mosquito ring tones…

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