Let It Rain

I knew today’s forecast was for rain all day, so I made sure to get all my outside work done yesterday.  This left me with nothing to do but chill out inside with no pressing feelings that there was something I needed to be doing.  And rain it did.


This morning I spent a few hours flipping between Dice-K taking a no hitter into the 8th inning and the Celtics mopping the floor with the Orlando Magic.  Quite the morning for Boston sports.  After that it was back into bed with Chieko and Ray to listen to the rain falling outside for a little while, and then a leisurely trip to the gym.

This evening we met up with my friend/chiropractor, his wife, and their demon-child for all-you-can eat yakiniku.  He was wearing a shirt that said ‘Christianity,’ and she had a sweater saying ‘Fuck That It.’  I declined to explain any of it to them.  So I’ve had my monthly quota of meat, and I’ll be eating nothing but salad for a few days.  I’m also losing my taste for red meat, unless it’s a prime cut of good Japanese beef.  The bite-size pieces that you generally get with yakiniku really don’t do much for me.

Back to work tomorrow, and we’ve got a six-day workweek on tap, with classes next Saturday — sucky.  We do have next Tuesday off to make up for it, but I’m getting ahead of myself.  Still have an hour or so of weekend consciousness left, and I shall enjoy.  Good night.


6 thoughts on “Let It Rain

  1. Sometimes there is nothing better than to chill and listen and watch the rain or the wind or even the snow, especially when you don’t have to be out in it and can be cosy as a family. Nature at its basic beauty and it’s good for the garden.

    1. it was nice…sundays can be difficult sometimes because, as it’s the last day of the weekend I feel like I should do something, so the rain was a good excuse to do nothing

  2. I used to get really depressed on Sunday nights; didn’t get everything done I wanted to, not sure how to use my last few hours…Now that I am not working full time, I have a few hours every day to use (or not). Thanks for sharing your life.

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