Outside Baby

It was a perfect spring day today, great timing for a random day off from work.  We took it slow this morning, and actually a good bit into this afternoon, but eventually we loaded the boy into the car and took a drive down to the beach.  There is nice park with large expanses of grass, several gate ball (think of croquet on steroids) courses, playgrounds, covered BBQ pits for rent, and a paved walking path through it all.  We vowed to bring food and beverage with us next time so we could stay longer.

Ray seems to be fighting off a cold, with lots of coughing and sneezing, flying snot, etc.  He’s also starting to get into everything that isn’t nailed down.  I still have little sense about recognizing things/situations around the house that could be potentially dangerous to Ray, but I have a feeling that’s about to change.  We’ve already had a few near misses.

Here are a few pictures of Ray (and me) basking in the sunlight.  There’s nothing else going on around here.  Night.





3 thoughts on “Outside Baby

    1. thanks patty…i’ll have to study the second picture, as i don’t quite see the resemblance…but i like these pics too

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