Past Bedtime

I’ve been driving by this rice paddy recently on my way to and from work, and its redness catches my eye every time.  Not sure why it’s red, or whether it’ a good thing or not.  Looks cool though.  I remember back in the fall, when this paddy was harvested, they had the rice bundled up together in a cool-looking fashion, and I wanted to take a picture of it.  I rode my bike back and they had just removed all the bundled rice.  I’ll keep my eye on this place.


I’ve also had the urge to draw again recently.  I haven’t drawn in a long time, but my other modes of expression have been failing me and the desire to doodle has bubbled back to the surface.  I’m starting out with my go-to sunflower motif, rather ambitiously.  This is as far as I got tonight.


Day off tomorrow.  That makes me very happy.


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