Meat Smoke

In contrast to last week, we’ve had nothing but perfect spring days this week.  I’ve tried to get out and do something outside every day after work, even it it’s just walking over to the supermarket.

On Wednesday I got home a bit early, so we walked over the community center and get some children’s books from the library there.  It takes about 20 minutes to walk there, during which time Ray sat alertly, mocking me as I tried to take his picture.  The barley as turned yellow, and I supposed it will be harvested soon.  It really stands out against the ever-greener rice.




On my way home tonight, taking in the spring temperatures and near-cloudless skies, it became clear that I had to do some grilling this evening.  I wasn’t actually that concerned with cooking anything, but in a very primal man way, as long as I was outside with some fire and some beer I would be content.  I’m looking forward to the summer months when it seems someone in the neighborhood is our grilling nightly, if not hanging out on the stoop sipping a beverage and enjoying the evening.  It was a bit lonely grilling tonight.  Of course, I seemed to be the only male in the neighborhood who made it home before sundown — three hours later and I’m still in the minority.

Ray hung out for  a while in his stroller, and once the sparks started flying I brought him inside.  Once the food was rolling of the the line he and Chieko came out again he we ate straight off the grill.



I’m not long for consciousness at this point, but the weekend is rocking so far.


4 thoughts on “Meat Smoke

  1. very appealing; love the pictures. Have to say the first one of Ray reminds me of the bad guy in that movie I love where Bruce Willis drives a flying cab and Milla Jovavich…got it, Fifth Element…Baby Ray looks like Gary Oldman in that movie…grin.

    1. i’ll have to go try to find clips on youtube because, while i know of that movie, i’ve never seen it…not sure who gary oldman is either

  2. He’s getting so big!

    Hey – I saw this show on Discovery Health – I can’t find it on their website as a video yet – don’t know if it’s just because it was a new episode – but this little boy in England came to the United States to re-build his ear. It was pretty fascinating. It looks like he was born with a very similar condition to Ray. There was some hearing issues in the ear – which they reconstructed – and then they physically made him a new ear. It was pretty crazy. Here is info on the show – maybe you can search for it in a few days:

    Plastic Surgery: Before & After
    Facing Tomorrow
    TV-PG, CC
    Conor was born without an ear or ear canal on the right side of his head. Conor’s parents don’t want him to be ridiculed and searched for a specialist to reconstruct Conor’s ear. Doctors develop a plastic matrix covered with skin to create a new ear.

    1. thanks for the tip on that show, i’ll try and track it down…glad to read that owen will be getting de-fixated soon too! hope everyone is doing well…

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